Discover the Art of Biophilic Design with Moss

Biophilia, which is the innate human connection to nature, has been gaining popularity in interior design as a way to bring the outdoors inside. One great way to incorporate biophilia into your space is by installing a piece of moss art. Moss art not only adds a touch of greenery to your environment but also provide numerous benefits such as calming the nervous system, promoting a sense of well-being, and larger pieces can even reduce noise levels.

Choosing the Right Location

Before installing a moss wall, it's essential to choose the right location in your space. Consider areas with that will not receive any direct sunlight or moisture. A living room, dining room, office space, or waiting room can be ideal spots for moss art.

Selecting the Moss

There are various types of moss available for creating a moss art, each with its unique texture and color. Common options include sheet moss, mood moss, and cushion moss. Choose a moss variety, or multiple varieties, that complement your space's aesthetic and fits the desired look.

Maintenance Tips

To keep your moss wall looking vibrant, regular maintenance is key. Avoid direct sunlight and, because the mosses are preserved and no longer living or growing, never water your moss art! A light dusting once in a while will keep it looking as fresh as the forest!

Not only will you enhance your space with a beautiful piece of moss art that brings the beauty of nature indoors, but you'll also add a sense of tranquility and well-being to your home!


  • Thank you, Laura! I’m so happy to be able to provide ways to help you learn and be creative! You are so much fun to have in our workshops! xo

  • Thank you for sharing and continuing to educate me and expanding my knowledge of all areas of the world of plants and nature which moss alive or preserved is a major element of. I’m so excited to explore this area with everyone and create something this large with moss before. You continue to challenge my creative thinking and keep my brain matter on its toes plant lady !! I bow to the queen!!

    Laura Bogaski

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