How to create an adorable succulent terrarium!

In case you haven't noticed, terrariums are ALL the rage! They are a fun way to display plants of all kinds, including succulents. You might wonder how succulents can survive in a terrarium with no drainage. It's true, I usually recommend using containers with drainage when planting succulents. But it absolutely possible to plant them in a glass terrarium and have them survive, even thrive! It all comes down to watering.

Building your terrarium

When planting succulents in a terrarium, we suggest creating these layers, starting at the bottom:


Small pebbles or pumice

Activated charcoal, if you have it

Sphagnum moss



Decorative elements, including green sheet moss or colored moss as decoration

Have a small spoon or long-handled tweezers on hand to help move the various components in in place. A long thin paintbrush is helpful, too.

Start by placing a thin layer of each element listed above in that order.

Once you get to the succulent layer, use your spoon to create a bit of a hole for the root ball of your succulent. Place your plant, then use the spoon to cover the entire root ball with soil. You can then use a variety of fun decorative elements to finish off your terrarium.

Now for the fun part! You can go for a whimsical look, including fairies, little animal figurines or an adorable set of gnomes like I used. Or you could go for a more natural vibe, and simply add natural elements like stones, moss, driftwood or shells. The choice is yours!

Caring for your terrarium

Now that your terrarium is complete, let's talk about caring for it. Remember that succulents do require water but they need a chance to dry out between waterings. So give your succulents a bit of water right at their base. You can even aim a stream of water from a spray bottle at the base of the plant to make sure you don't overwater. A good rule with succulents...when in doubt, wait another day!

Place your terrarium where it will receive bright light but not direct sun. Near a window is ideal. Now just enjoy your cute creation! And be prepared to make more! This hobby is kind of addicting, in a good way!

Happy planting!


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