What to DO and NOT do when you bring home a new plant!

DO inspect the plant before you leave the shop.
You don't want to bring home any uninvited guests!

DO quarantine your new plant for 2 weeks.
Keeping it separated from your existing plants will help
prevent the spread of pests or disease, should they have
any hiding!

DO learn what your new plant needs.
What kind of lighting does it require? How about
watering needs? If you're not sure, ask about it before
you bring it home. Being able to provide the appropriate
environment is the first step to success.

DON'T repot right away. We suggest waiting until the
quarantine period is over to reduce the stress on vour
plant. The journey from greenhouse to plant shop to
your home can stress the plant. It's best to wait 2 weeks
for it to acclimate before stressing again with the
repotting process.

DON'T worry if your plant shows signs of stress (limp
leaves, yellowing, browning or loss of a few leaves).
Changing environments is stressful so rest assured that
if you give it what it needs, it should bounce back within
a week or two!

DON'T take our word as the ONLY way. You may have
experience doing things differently than we suggested
above and that's totally Ok! And if you've ever
researched plant care online, you know that everyone
has their own opinion and those opinions can vary
widely! We all learn through trial and error so do
what works for YOU!

Have questions? We're always here to help!

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