What To Do With Your Summer Dormant Succulents

Did you know some succulents go dormant in the summer? Keep reading to learn what this means and how you should care for your summer-dormant succulents!

Like most plants, not all succulents grow at the same rate all year-round. When a succulent is dormant, it’s trying to survive, rather than grow, so it won’t take up as much water, and it prefers to be neglected.

Summer dormant succulents prefer cooler temperatures (winter) for their active growth period. You should try to protect these succulents from extreme heat whenever possible and limit the amount of water you give during the summer.

Here are some common succulent groups that are dormant during the summer:

Adromischus (ie. Key Lime Pie)

Aeonium (they will close up tightly in summer)




Crassula (includes Jade)




Kalanchoe (Flapjacks)







Senecio (String of Pearls, Dolphins, etc)

If you have any of these succulents living outdoors, make sure you move them into indirect light (shade) where they can stay cooler. Limit the amount of water you give your summer-dormant succulents. 

If you have summer-dormant species but you keep them indoors, you likely won't need to change much about their care, other than giving them s little less water. Indoors they won't experience the drastic changes they would if they were outside.

Now that you understand how to care for your summer dormant succulents, you can sit back and watch them survive until they start growing again this winter!



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