The Seaside Succulent

Sustainable and ridiculously simple solutions.

Creating a living plant wall or "green wall" is an easy way to create a lush, plant-filled environment without taking up much space. Plants are proven to reduce stress and purify air. Get all the benefits of greenery and take up less space doing it by growing a vertical garden.

The WallyGro planter is my "living wall" planter of choice. It couldn't be easier to work with...just fill, drill, & hang. WallyGro was created so that anyone, in any space, could garden. 

And there's more to love - WallyGro Eco planters are made from recycled milk jugs and made in the USA!

I offer full service living wall installations or you can DIY. It's your choice! Check out the inspiration photos below! Plant options for your green wall are endless, but I'll help you determine the best plants for your particular space and personality. Shop our WallyGro Eco planters to DIY or drop me a line and let me know how I can help you create your very own living plant wall!

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