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Preserved Moss Art

Beautiful preserved moss art brings your space to life with absolutely ZERO maintenance! Perfect for this with a black thumb (no judgement!) or if you're looking for a unique way to add greenery into your home or office.

We have a wide variety of preserved moss types and colors available. Add preserved ferns, faux succulents, faux plants or even driftwood to create a work of art as unique as you!

Let's discuss what you're looking us today!
Custom preserved moss logo art created for The Hair Engineers in Satellite Beach, Florida.
Preserved moss & driftwood logo @ The Hair Engineers, Satellite Beach, FL
Custom preserved moss and faux succulent artwork designed for a local salon in Melbourne, Florida.
Preserved moss & faux succulents, private hair salon in Melbourne, FL
Preserved moss art
Preserved moss, ferns & mushrooms, custom order