4" Hoya crassipetiolata*Flowers: cream/peach - The Seaside Succulent

4" Hoya crassipetiolata *Flowers: cream/peach

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Hoya crassipetiolata has foliage that is medium green with dark green veins and leaf margin, that can develop random silver specks. When exposed to direct sun the leaves will develop beautiful shades of red and purple. These have been grown in bright indirect light inside our greenhouse, so they need to be gradually acclimated to direct sun to avoid scorching the leaves. 

Hoya are easy to care for if given the proper conditions! Like all hoyas, these plants like to dry out well between watering. When the soil is dry and it's time to water, you should thoroughly soak the potting media. Water until all the soil is saturated and all excess water drains away through the drainage hole. ALWAYS plant Hoya in pots with drainage holes! You can water even less in the winter when growing slows (and sometimes halts

Light: Place in very bright indirect light, indoors or out (bring in if dipping below 55 degrees). A few hours of morning or late afternoon sun, especially in winter, is great.

Water: Allow soil to dry between waterings. Use your finger a few inches into the soil to test - it doesn't need to be crunchy just dry to the touch.

Pets: *Pet friendly*

*Color of leaves and blooms will depend on environmental conditions of each individual plant. Individual plants may vary based on stock available.