4" Variegated String of Hearts, Ceropegia woodii - The Seaside Succulent

4" Variegated String of Hearts, Ceropegia woodii

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This is the beautiful VARIEGATED String of Hearts that you have dreamt of having in your collection!

Ceropegia woodii, aka String of Hearts or Rosary Vine makes an excellent house plant due to its durability. It can withstand neglect, dry air, or drought. The vines are like thin wires with marbled, heart shaped leaves. They will reach two to four feet in length, so the plant should be hung or set on a pedestal where it will receive bright light for most of the day. (Full sun is ok, if some protection is provided during the hottest part of the day).

This plant is somewhat succulent, so be careful not to overwater, or allow it to set in water. Water thoroughly, and then allow the soil to completely dry out before watering again. 

Light: Bright indirect light with morning sun is ideal.

Water: Water when soil is dry, tolerates periods of drought but you will notice the heart-shaped leaves become wrinkly when it's thirsty!

Pets: Non-toxic, pet friendly!