Air Plant Jellyfish - The Seaside Succulent

Air Plant Jellyfish

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These cute little jelly fish will add a bit of ocean-inspired whimsy to any space!

Tillandsia in the home or office must receive enough bright light (filtered sunlight) and moisture for a healthy plant. In place of natural light, a broad spectrum fluorescent light is recommended. Ideal watering schedule is one to two times a week.

Air plants thrive in outdoor environments for instance; hanging from under a tree canopy, placed in a covered screened patio, the Tillandsia along with natural bright filtered sunlight, provide just the right environment air plants love. Watering once a week for humid environments, twice weekly for the dryer climates. Dehydration will occur when the plant’s foliage begins to curl. Remedy, soak plants in water up to 15 minutes.

Specific shell and air plant will vary. If you have a color/style preference please let us know in a note at checkout and we'll do our best to accommodate!