Succulent-covered Moss Mushrooms w/Leslie 3/16 @ 1p

About this experience

We're so excited to bring you this all-new workshop! This succulent-covered moss mushroom is the perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor garden. 

Did you know succulents can survive planted in sphagnum moss? I'll be sharing lots more fun and educational information about succulents in this botanical workshop including how to keep your succulents live and thriving on the moss form and how to transplant if you want to. This is a project that will provde you years of enjoyment!

Everything you need to complete the project, including 1 Moss-filled topiary mushroom measures approx. 13" high w/base and 45 Sempervivum succulents! Yes! Forty-five!!

Our immersive workshops are also a great place to meet new, like-minded planty friends! We hope you'll join us!

Can't make it to our workshop or prefer to take home a DIY kit? We can do that! Just purchase a ticket and leave a note at checkout that you'd like it as a DIY kit and we'll have it ready the day after the workshop!