Succulent-Topped Pumpkin Workshop

Create a beautiful succulent-topped pumpkin centerpiece!

About this experience

Join us for the workshop I wait ALL YEAR for!! Creating beautiful succulent-topped pumpkin centerpieces! Bring along your favorite medium-large pumpkin & I will provide my guided instruction, succulents, moss & everything else you need!

You'll leave with a beautiful pumpkin centerpiece that will last for months (or longer if you want it around that long)! And of course we'll go over what to do with your succulents after the holidays.

**AVAILABILITY @ our shop is about full but we'll also be teaching at Rockledge Gardens on Sunday, Oct. 1 - get tickets here!

Please, do NOT cut into your pumpkin before the workshop! We will decorate the top, rather than planting inside the pumpkin!


Choosing a pumpkin: I suggest choosing a medium to large (nice size for a dining table or front porch) heirloom or "Cinderella" pumpkin with a nice, flat top to decorate upon. The heirloom pumpkins are technically gourds and will last for a couple of years (if you care to keep it around that long LOL). The traditional orange jack-o-lantern pumpkins tend to rot much more quickly and their shape is not ideal for topping with succulents. 

A note about mini pumpkins - I will have a variety of succulent types and sizes available to choose from but most will be too large to decorate the mini pumpkins so it's best to stick to a larger pumpkin with a nice flat top to decorate upon!

These heirloom pumpkins come in a variety of colors - white, cream, pale green, greenish many choices and they all look beautiful with succulents on top!

You can even choose a faux pumpkin if you'd like! The short, squatty ones work best for decorating but it's your choice - pick your fav! You can even redecorate one you made last year!

Finding a pumpkin: Publix, Downtown Produce, Thrifty, Sprouts, Winn Dixie & Walmart all usually have pumpkins starting in late September. If you'll be near Orlando, Trader Joes gets nice ones! Faux pumpkins can be found at Hobby Lobby, Michaels & Jo-Ann's, just DON"T get the tall skinny ones (not enough room to decorate).

And as always, you're welcome to bring along your favorite drink ;)

*Takes place at The Seaside Succulent 105 B Brevard Ave in Cocoa Village.